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The Social Events sponsored by the BCYC are what bring us all together. Our events are successful in no small part due to the volunteerism of members like you. If you think you could be of help let us know. If you have not yet attended one of our fun events, plan to do so soon! You can come by boat, car, foot, airplane, pack mule, or any way you choose. Use the "contact us" link to let us know what you think! 


​2020  BCYC CRUISE SCHEDULE Questions?

 March 9-date change Full Moon Snowshoe/Hike - information
 May 16 Commodore's Ball
 June 12-14

 Harbor Springs Rendezvous

 July 24-26 Northport Rendezvous
 August 15-16 Inland Waterway Boat Trip 
 September 12 Show Your Team Colors
 October 17 Change of Watch







Barb Ellwanger and Cindy Binder 
Cruise Fleet Co-Captains
For information, contact us at:

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The annual racing calendar begins with our spring

Skippers Meeting, at which we review and share information concerning the year's upcoming events and racing season.  The Tuesday Night Race Series begins in May and ends in October. The Tuesday Night Series consists of a Spring, Summer, and Fall series and is open to mono-hull boats 19 feet and longer, as well as multi-hull boats 17 feet and longer. Races include multiple divisions including Jib and Main, Spinnaker and E-Scow.  Jib & Main and Spinnaker classes are handicapped based on LMPHRF ratings.  Races are held on Lake Charlevoix near  Boyne City.  They are open to anyone interested with a qualified boat.  A boats Skipper must become a member of the Boyne City Yacht Club prior to racing.  Information regarding our racing schedule is posted below.  The Boyne City Yacht Club promotes safe boating and good sportsmanship, and adheres to the US Sailing Rules of Racing 2017-2020.  We encourage anyone interested in more information on how to participate, contact us at and the New Racers Guide, below.​​


 May 5Skippers Meeting - BBY 6 pm
 May 12 Practice Race
 May 19 - June 30 SPRING Race Series
 July 7 - Aug 18 SUMMER Race Series
 Aug 25 - Oct 6 FALL Race Series
 October 10 BCYC Race Awards Banquet


May 23Nautical Garage Sale
July 25 & 26LTYC Ugotta Regatta
August 29 & 30CYC Red Fox Regatta

Racing Materials

Race Fleet Guidelines for New Skippers.pdf

Rhett Lloyd-Race Fleet Captain

Mike Doumanian-Race Fleet Captain Assistant

For information, contact us at: