cruise fleet

The Social Events sponsored by the BCYC are what bring us all together. Our events are successful in no small part due to the volunteerism of members like you. If you think you could be of help let us know. If you have not yet attended one of our fun events, plan to do so soon! You can come by boat, car, foot, airplane, pack mule, or any way you choose. Use the "contact us" link to let us know what you think! 

​2019  BCYC CRUISE SCHEDULE Questions?

 May 18Commodore's Ball - Information
 June 14-16Harbor Springs Rendezvous  
 June 29

Cloud's Cookout

 July 26-28
Northport Rendezvous 
 August 23-25Elk Rapids Rendezvous 
 September 6-8Petoskey Rendezvous 
 September 21Treasure Hunt
 October 12

Change of Watch 


Barb Ellwanger and Cindy Binder 
Cruise Fleet Co-Captains

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race Fleet

On beautiful Lake Charlevoix in Northern Michigan, sailboats are plentiful. The BCYC has one of the most active racing programs in the area comprised of everyone from active offshore ("serious") racers and not so active (not so "serious") racers out occasionally with their friends. 
All are welcome.

Please Join us 

Regular Tuesday Racing

April 30 - 6:00 PM
Skippers Meeting at BBY 

May 7th

Practice /warm-up races
May 14th – June 18th
Spring Series (6)
June 25-Aug 20th
Summer Series (9) 
August 27th – Oct 1st
Fall Series (6) 

More Racing and Banquet Dates

June 22nd-23rdBCYC Mark Madness Regatta
July 6th-7thCYC Beaver Island Regatta
July 26th-27thLTYC Ugotta Regatta
Aug 17thBCYC Ironworks Regatta
Aug 30th-Sept 1CYC Red Fox Regatta
Sept 28thLast Chance Regatta
Oct 8thBCYC Race Awards Banquet

All Sailors use this link for racing registration, NOR's, SI's and results/standings.